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Discord Bot Project Details

XP Team
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(This post was last modified: 05-24-2018, 07:51 PM by Lexicon.)
Project Goals.
  • Send transactions to other users and addresses
  • Receive Transactions from other users.
  • Allow the ability to rain coin over discord users
    1.     Enhances user interactions on the server. Using mee6 we can apply levels to which unlocks more rain rooms.
           2.     Allows for giveaways and air drops.
  • Enhance functionality further by implementing additional features.
    1. Plans for a website to go with the bot. Functionality to show bot metrics. e.g. commands fired over time and rpc wallet calls. 

 Current Feature List:
·        MySQL Backend with private key dumps that are encrypted with a salt
·        Off Chain Coin Rains (sponsors are included on all rains)
·        Coin Tips (including withdrawals)
·        Games (Dice)
·        Deposit Process (for bot balance runs every 60 seconds.)

Possible Future Features:
·       TRS. Token Redemption System - issue a token (unique string) that users can redeem for xp.
   Database was created for this.
·       KOTH (new game) – King of the hill discord game.
·       Price information on balance checks
·       Lottery
·       API system to allow other bots to use for their own games.

To use the bot you have to use the prefix then the command. Example of this is “prefixhelp” or in this document prefix is , so typing “,help” will trigger the command.
Prefix: ,

1.     help – Displays bots help text listing some commands

2.     serverinfo – Displays the amount of servers XP-Bot is in and current member count and dms user with list of servers

3.     undermaint – Displays under-maintenance message (when maintenance mode is switched on all commands call this)

4.     experience – Experience Calculator

5.     level – Level Calculator

6.     info – getmininginfo
Wallet Commands:
1.     register – registers a wallet

2.     balance – fetches a wallet balance and bot balance. Wallet balance catches for 30 mins when first called.

3.     tip [@account/address] [amount] – send funds to other users or to an exchange

                                                tx failed due to low balance (no tx id given)

                                                tx complete. Txid given
4.     donate [amount] – Donates  the amount to the discord bot

5.     mininginfo – shows an embed containing the staking info and current block

6.     info – json output of getmining info

Bot Balance/Game Commands
1.     withdraw [amount] withdraws from the bot/game balance to the discord wallet of that user

2.     deposit [amount] -  deposits to the bot/game balance from the discord wallet, gives message after 1 conf and applies balance change
3.     rain [amount]

4.     soak [amount] - Disabled

5.     lo [amount] (Limited to XP-Bot Games Room)

6.     dice [chance] [amount] (Limited to XP-Bot Games Room)

Timed Events.
1.     Deposit Process runs every 60 Seconds.

05-24-2018, 07:41 PM
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roullete games is very nice to be added

06-01-2018, 07:36 PM
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