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Incentive Rewards for Shopping

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I've been using this app since quite a while now and most of the indians are using it too...The app has all the capabilities, shopping, paying bills, cinema tickets, travel tickets, hotels bookings, train tickets almost everything.. It has recently got banking licence too.. It is the payment bank. The app is called PAYTM. The website is PAYTM.com

They are much famous for cashback on every purchases/transaction. If not cashback, they have partnered with many retailers outlets to offer discount deals coupons and kind of.

It would be great if XP coin reaches out to them to see if anything can be worked out..to incentivise the buyer there in terms of XPCoin. The coin circulation would certainly be huge considering the huge customer base.

It would be first of its kind in India to offer crypto reward and I dont think at this stage it would be illegal to do so as its just rewarding the buyers just like an airmile program. There are many such opportunities once this works out.

06-15-2018, 01:22 PM
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