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XP Rust Server

XP Team
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Welcome Members,
So you found the video game area of the XP Forum. Well, listen up, Sunshine, now that you're here, it's time to start your daily XP regiment!! - Get on your Steam and Vote the XP server to the number one position!! This ain't no one time call!! XP Needs your vote each and every day, Month after Month - We're building an army of XP and we will conquer all other servers!! - What?? you don't play Rust?? Aww, that's okay, Pee-Wee - That doesn't stop you from joining the XP Army and helping to slaughter them from the outside in!! - Come on, You can do it!! Send your daily vote to: XP Rust Server Vote

[Image: rossaman.png]


05-28-2018, 02:08 AM
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